The Many Faces of Depression

August 11, 2013
How is your mood today? Every person on earth goes through good times and, well, not so good times….but what constitutes a true depressed mood? It doesn’t just go away!!! In fact, you could win money, be invited to meet a celebrity you like, or have some wonderful person give you a brand new car. Still depressed. The mind is a very interesting part of who we are and, unfortunately, where a lot of negativity can brew due to depression. What causes depression? Hummmm, there is Postpartum Depression which usually strikes within four weeks of having a baby. The guilt of not wanting to take care of your baby can be overwhelming!!! There is also S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) which “follows the sun” so to speak. Here in Northeastern Ohio where the “the sky can be cloudy all day……everyday” many people suffer from this S.A.D. mood disorder. Are you so depressed that you have trouble moving your body? Like sitting in a chair looking straight ahead, hands folded, eyes open, thinking of getting up but staying in that position for hours? That’s called having Catatonic Features. (not to be mistaken with giving your cat a gin and tonic….which, come to think of it may do the same thing for your cat!) What about depression with Psychotic Features? Psychotic? What does that mean? Being out of touch with reality. i.e. “I hear a voice telling me I should be punished.” These are only a few types of depression. If you have had or are having depression GIVE YOURSELF A PAT ON THE BACK!!! Simply put: You are a survivor, an overcomer, and a HERO to make it though the most painful illness known to man: Depression. SHALOM NJM