August 10

Today- August 10, 2013 is an important day. My niece, Paige Stevenson was born. Happy 22nd Birthday to Paige! Now, to talk a little bit about this book I wrote. It is not easy to go back in time and bring up some of the most painful events in a persons life as the memories are there, but the feelings that go back to that time are all gone….mostly, and that is a good thing. I no longer am the woman who suffered so terribly with depression. On August 15, 1991, the old Nancy left that sinful nature and I became a new person. A person who held on tight to that flickering candle of hope, of truth, and of love. I thank God for everything He has done in my life, especially finding my solemate Gary — soon to be named Garrett — when the book is published, if you read it, you will understand. I want every person who has suffered with this most debilitating illness, they call it “mental illness” by the way, to know that I love them. You are my brothers and sisters. We need to stick together like a family because we have a unique understanding of eachother. Good night and SHALOM. NJM